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@asun88: I always wonder if they do things like that (transferring car to another state), why can't cops just manufacture stint like that and catch the crooks on the spot? Then according to ABC News, one of three events will occur: 1. Got scammed on Gumtree. Maybe I should start this business 😂, yes, No need to be so polite and call her Charlotte. You mean, it was not sent to your parents account. ive been to so many places trying to find out how i could try get my hard earned cash back but no one can help, what do you think i can do. As soon as it was received a refund would automatically be issued and seller would be out of pocket. It is at least equal to bank transfers, credit cards and cash as it can do the same as all three yet is instant and has better scam protection. When in fact the cars are often missing parts or in bad condition. This is just showing how many people are unaware and ripe for scamming. so if all went well for her she would have a phone and an additional $1,000 to go with it. 1st Thief’s details; MARTINA BECK Toongabbie, NSW M: Commonwealth Bank BSB: 062-293 ACC: ****4553 2nd Thief’s details; ADAM ELIAS Toongabbie (claims to be in Victoria) M: If you are buying anything please check these details t They all are, but like all things, the only way this happens is when someone gets a hold of someone elses password, or pin or CC number etc. Plus baby boom during covid, so many people needing a life lesson in a couple of years, great opportunities! Could he not have just done a PayPal invoice and opted in for buyer protection? I was tempted to throw a "chargeback" card but that's another story to tell. Perhaps you can forward this to the australian cyber crime department- they are getting tough i heard, and also advise 'Charlotte'- they may be worried enough to do something. Gumtree scam. she then told us to send the phone to Texas, so we did, quite confidently. Campaigners call for UK and EU bans on plastic 'sample' sachets. o'well at least i have something to help me remember the big loss to prevent me doing it again. by the time we found out she was a scammer, and we had just posted the phone. The seller shouldn't accept or sign for a return without inspecting it first. My name is Harrison and am now 17 years old with little experience and would love to know if there is something i can do to get my money back. Not 100% as they can say to the credit card provider it was fraudulent transaction (or use a stolen credit card). If you have an iOS device (which supports activation lock), then you are in luck as long you didn't forget to setup "Find My iPhone" correctly. Cops warn Scots over £50 fake bank notes after sellers scammed on Gumtree Daniel Morrow. @funnysht: i have thought of that, Did it affect your credit ratings ? I agree with your statement. Can be disputed but no idea what the success rate was. if we have proof could you get the uspis to pursue the case? OMG How many alarm bells do you need? With the issue of my details, transferring the name of ownership and signing of all paperwork will be done by the freight agent so you don't have to worry about that. Got scammed on Gumtree. In the news article from ABC News, scammers were contacting people who were trying to sell their cars. please check this out because I almost lost £1000 camera and possibly money from my PayPal account. Hi in the last week I listed 4 things on Gumtree, with 2 mins of listing a new item each time I get pestered by people, usually foreign, claimimng to be from insurance claims companies offering me compensation. If it's as a sale transaction though, yes. If lost or stolen, you'll need to have Find My iPhone enabled on your device at the time it went missing in order to have Apple honor a replacement. The buyer suddenly demands a refund on the fake transaction, 3. No it isn't the same as just using cash at all. I had a client this week who listed their Caravan on Gumtree, and straight away, received a text message asking them if the caravan was available, the condition of the caravan and to email them the details with the best price (sound familiar? First idea it was a con was them offering full price. What happened to debt collector? For future ads just say no paypal and no posting. WARNING: I was Scammed on Gumtree. I decided to do a Google Search of “ Gumtree scams “, and found that many people had fallen victim to scams just like the message I received from Sue! At this least time it only cost your $1k, Not chicken feed, but could have been worse! Scammed on Gumtree? These people are adept at preying on your vulnerabilities. it was a brand new Samsung s9 plus 256gb, but there other thing was she said she was paying for express on top of everything. if it is true, then you have learned a basic lesson. So back to my point, why would someone from the US buy a phone from Australia? Chargebacks using Paypal is a common one and one that can be easily prevented and protected against. Since bank can’t reverse transfer, auspost can’t stop delivery, police can’t catch, no one can help the victim, this is a life changing career. All these things can be prevented yet there are people who still fall victim to the common tactics then cry foul and blame paypal. it is a problem, but incredibly rare compared to the much more common paypal scams. Whirlpool Forums Addict reference: @hypie: Correct. What was the phone/model? How much do you think manual intervention costs in a systematized delivery process like this? I was pleasantly surprised to receive an enquiry within an hour of listing the iPhone 8. This is completely FALSE. If you are using websites like Gumtree, cash is best. I thought they only do repairs, that too for extra charge. Inspect the goods, then pay with straight transfers as a gift. It can appear quite legitimate! Paypal or the credit provider can reverse the transaction if it is claimed as fraud or using a stolen account, a very common tactic of scammers. Hi, last week my elderly mother in her 70s who lives in Scotland got gumtree/paypal scammed into express mailing a video camera and accessories to a London address thinking buyer had paid on paypal and PayPal were 'holding' the money until she sent proof of postage. Mobile car wash business for sale.# Due to scams and time wasters I do not respond on Gumtree mail Please pick up the phone and contact me if you are interested #The opportunities are endless and we build to your requirements. It's like your head is frozen in time many years ago with very simple understanding of how it works. The transaction occurs via email, where the scammer says they will pay via PayPal. Most people don't need that lesson. what they can't do is use buyers protection. Apple takes a cut of every sale in the app store. As regards the payment, I can pay you through direct bank deposit (EFT), using paypal instant bank wire transfer service, linked up with my ANZ bank account, I will need your bank details and I will make the payment through paypal facility to your bank account, all I will need is your acct number, BSB number and acct name. Before I go on, I should point out that it isn’t Gumtree trying to scam anyone. Banks, digital payments and credit card companies can't cover you if you stray outside of protection laws either and they can't protect you from your own mistakes. Like sending money to family/friends. People who get scammed will get scammed no matter what the method but usually only fall for it once then they learn. People can blame companies like Paypal, but at the end of the day if you didn't cover yourself and fell for known scams then the blame is on you, like it is with the OP and hopefully the lesson is learned. The ony way is if someone got their password and then associated email and password to verify it and this can only happen if someone is stupid enough to fall for phishing tactics. Then always keep proof for yourself. Zanco sent through an image of a Female US Passport, in which my client replied stating "perhaps an incorrect ID was attached?" Our community should always avoid paying for an item before it has been viewed. If it is really that common….. @burningrage: Cops firstly couldn't care less, secondly the story is the same that they have paid you extra to cover the transit cost. PayPal just reverses it then. It's not difficult to outsmart the scammers especially when it comes to well known scams. Gumtree car scams This scam involves rogue car dealers posing as an individual user of Gumtree and posting ads for fully working or good condition second-hand cars. Even today, I always take a photo before and after opening any parcel. It is considered a gift and is a one time instant transaction that can't be disputed or charged back. While most community members have a positive experience, on occasion bad seeds do target Gumtree users. I honestly think it's a fair candidate for legislation. Safest way before shipping anything is direct deposit. No one pays full price off gumtree unless it's listed as a bargain price of the century. Try before you buy. The one time I had a return, I filmed myself opening the package. Re: Is this a Paypal Scam on Gumtree I HAD THE SAME THING HAPPEN TO ME Great! (that's when it got strange) we couldn't find any trace of the money, she then said that it was because we had to pay her back $1,000 for us to receive our payment of $1,000. Opinions/advice needed. You are still covered afterwards if something goes wrong which you're not if you pay cash. Like sending money to family/friends. The person "buying" the phone said they sent the money to the OPs paypal and showed a photoshopped image. Hi everyone, so recently I got scammed on Gumtree by this person named "Elizabeth Beyer" (apparently one of my friends also got scammed by the same person). @wozz: Yeah, there are variants of every type of scam that have always been around which grow and change as technology develops. The OP got scammed in the dumbest of way because they were greedy and stupid. Yes in this instance it was a facepalm easy scam due to him not checking, but even if he had the money there are multiple ways he could have lost out. No credit card transactions. 06/10/2020. The USPS won't do a thing. I messaged the guy he was keen to sell so he gave me his number. Ask your parents if they have home contents insurance that covers lost mobiles? The way I see it if a buyers paypal account was "hacked", that is paypal's problem and lack of control, they absorb the cost of their refund scheme. Like you have never even used what you are talking about and are basing all your information on third party information from the people who got scammed. At least you have a good attitude about it. Even cash can be counterfeit and the person turning can be fake. Gumtree, paying via paypal, money not received and shipping overseas!? Sorry I thought guns were a thing in the US. Gumtree is filled to the brim with scammers looking for people to rip off, PayPal is one of their favourite mechanisms to enable this. When a scammer claims their account got stolen, they need to prove it and it's very difficult. Then they will ask you to transfer the excess to a bank account which you will never get your money back. Most scammers would not want to deal with Counterfeit cash as that is something the police really will follow up. But still, the scheme was actually pretty advanced and interesting in hindsight. That is a shame. They "accidentally" pay extra on the fake transaction and demand to be reimbursed. And since there is no seller protection, the seller automatically loses the case. Loses $1,000 and we get a star wars reference and 18 upvotes. You literally fell for every obvious trick in the book while also avoiding all common sense. As far as I know, Australia Post never straight away send stuff overseas straight away (It would take a few days before products leave Australia for obvious bulk-posting reason). “Much to learn you still have my old padawan. Guess this is how these scammers keep going there is always someone out there to con, Sorry Op i have a 17 year old, you didn't have a parent to give you advice before? They’re thieves and they stole our money. regardless unless you are selling something that is incredibly expensive it hardly requires a bucket of cash. All trademarks are owned by their respective owners.OzBargain is an independent community website which has no association with nor endorsement by the respective trademark owners. If you know the phone's imei, get it blocked in as many countries as possible. Obviously wrong. Paypal payment - it should be instant except it is a cheque. We tried buying an iPhone from these 2 and they scammed us. A concert ticket scammer who netted about $10,000 selling counterfeit concert tickets on Facebook and Gumtree avoids jail after being sentenced to … Australia Post won't do a thing. This is just the beginning.”. When my suspicions were aroused, that’s what I did. At this least time it only cost your $1k, Not chicken feed, but could have been worse! People really need to get out of this 2005 digital payment mentality. we told her that we had no money to give, but there was no answer to that question. Scammed on Gumtree -- what to do. Email her directly Thx". A courier comes and picks up the car and it is effectively stolen, 2. I was really, really close to being scammed yesterday on Gumtree, which makes me sound like a huge moron. btw If you are under 18 how do you have a Paypal account? We placed an add on Gum-tree, and this person named Charlotte Oliver wanted to buy my phone for $1,000. Debt collectors came calling and I quite bluntly told them hell would freeze over before I put that money back in. The people behind this one are not your average cyber criminals. The proof needed needs to just as strong if not stronger than claiming for everything else. So about 2 weeks ago I saw a used cpu on gumtree, fairly good price too. They have much better protection against this stuff than banks do. Another scam to be wary of. Lisa Du is director of ReadyTechGo, a service that helps people gain the confidence and skills to embrace modern technology. A buyer from US - US seller phone cheaper than Australia even with the secondhand phone, why would someone from US want to pay more + shipping from AU? Many people do. we warned the Usps about what was happening and it still went straight through there fingers. Zanco replied a second time with a Queensland Driver’s License of a young man named Zanco. We do not have access to phone at the moment, which is why I contacted you with internet messaging facility. An officer from East Belfast says his colleague has been dealing with a … means it could have been 'worse' as in they could have lost more than $1k….. @JimmyF: "means it could have been 'worse' as in they could have lost more than $1k…..". Is Signed Credit Quote with Clawback Clause Legally Enforceable by The Broker? You do however have the receivers address as that is where you posted it to. she said she had paid $1000 (with proof of a fake Pay-Pal notice, but the payment never came through and never will). In this case, the OP was incredibly stupid. It is becoming difficult to sell stuff now. then you would think it's Australia Post's negligence, wouldn't you? Do you know how many people get robbed of their cash on gumtree and Facebook market etc? That use to buy a first car at 17 years of age. Archive View Return to standard view. Why people jump on Paypal like it's some unsafe method is just such an old mentality and usually due to ignorance of how it works and what it's different uses are. i suppose this is another lesson that it never hurts to ask for help once in a while no matter how proud you are ðŸ˜, "As soon as we sent my phone we found out the transaction was a fake and that we needed to get the phone back. I think there has to be exception for this kind of situation. Fewer than half (46%) of online marketplace users check to see whether an item … I'm finding it hard to believe it's true as there are just so many basic things that don't make any sense. @gromit: Russian roulette? We also recommend everyone using Gumtree should visit our Help section for tips on how to have a safe and successful experience and to be vigilant when using any online marketplace.”. You don't use the same paypal method in person as you would for an online transactions and you don't use the same method for personal and consumer transactions either. I got done by this as well. How about PayPal friend to friend if it hits your account are you safe ? we rang AusPost People need to educate themselves. Rest assured, I will not hesitate to report you to gumtree/Police and Property agents). @gromit: Nothing is ever 100% safe in that regard as you can get robbed carrying cash, bank transfers and credit card payments can all be disputed too. Also do research - google is your friend. Please share this video or tell people about this scam. And you didn't catch any STDs, which with 1'000 spend in other ways, could be quite easy. Having a baby while unsure of your cash flow. Claire Cobbledick, GM of Gumtree South Africa says that while prevention is better than cure, victims who find themselves out of pocket due to an online scam should report the incident immediately. Being my first gumtree purchase, I was unaware of the scamming that goes on. You may find further information if you can contact them somehow but at the end of the day, I don't like your chances but you can try. You can't initiate chargebacks on gift transactions. Chlorinated Pesticide for Termite Barrier in 1970's to 1980's Concerns (Aldrin/Dieldrin). How exactly is the OP going to go about blocking the IMEI in the US? Indeed, as one of Australia’s favourite places to sell and buy stuff, Gumtree is aware of these things. How is it seller's fault if buyer account was hacked. Excited, I emailed right away, to let her know that the phone was still available. i suppose its can be a lesson for all of us that scammers are willing to do anything to get your money. So depending on how quickly did you tell them (say, after 12 hours), then you would think it's Australia Post's negligence, wouldn't you? Here is the response from Sue's partner Sally: I was a little confused when I read Sally's email and decided not to reply just yet. Use your common sense. Hello "Go get help, you need to talk to someone". You can always dispute it and things will always fall in your favour. Their term and condition would have covered them, they are doing goodwill to intercept the parcel but it may not always successful. but what if the phone isn't in her possession anymore to give to me. thanks for your help. PayPal chargebacks are rife and a seller's worst enemy. Welcome to the Gumtree scam. I've had people initiate chargebacks and also trying to scam me in other ways They can be very clever but when you stick to the methods and way of doing things, they can't succeed. Paypal isn't a credit card company and It's not a bank account. After working out that it would cost me over $100 in fees, I decided to give Gumtree a go, as it is free to list and there are no fees involved. yes i fully agree, now i can see the offer was a bit to good to be true so much so that its a little funny and humiliating, now i can see the offer was a bit to good to be true. It's their entire business model, and they deal in all forms of transactions for individual consumers and large corporations. Most of time the people that claim this happened to them have done something stupid and have altered their story like leaving their keys in an unlocked parked car but leaving that part out when telling the story. Thread Tools. Banks and Credit card companies can't just reverse something unless the other person has more proof than you. 4. i saw everyone as a buyer/customer and i didn't take into account that it just could be a scammer. I agree cash is safer but if you’re selling something for a large amount (eg >$200) I would learn a few easy ways to spot counterfeit cash. More so since covid started. I'm guessing they'd argue it's bad for the developers because they're reversing transactions. A Gumtree spokesperson said, "The safety of our community is our number one priority. It's 2020. @gromit: The ADF even. This scam has been around for years and still people fall for it. Join our community of over 400,000-plus members today and get the latest Over60 news, offers and articles. Errr did you not read the entire sentence. Yes he could of lost $10k. Even if the cancellation was limited to 5 days after gift card redemption, I still reckon it would dramatically hinder the scam. Going to be a walk in the park for these guys. Apple now will take into consideration theft or loss as part of the two incidents. a claim of a fraudulent transaction will still result in a chargeback/reversal and requires far less proof than a bank. Paypals entire business is transactions. Ruthless. we warned the Usps about what was happening and it still went straight through there fingers. she then imitated pay-pal again and said that she was overcharged an additional $1,000 (in total "$2,000 out of her bank account into ours"). Have you got unwanted goods lying around the house? Might get a cheap car, then pay almost $1000 again for rego and a heap more for insurance. Worth $550 max as new. 😂😂’ I replied ‘ you know what I am talking about.’ And in my case when I did, the buyer claimed they were hacked and paypal put my account in negative as though it was my fault. @Freezies: It is NOT 100% safe at all. I always withdraw money from paypal straight away for this reason. Like every other place on earth that people buy or sell. (Scammers use online websites to send anonymous text messages, or messages with fake names). personally if I sold a car on gumtree yes I would. @HarrisonA: In my opinion I would just avoid selling anything interstate and keep it local. Nothing you can do. What’s stopping these scammers? It's easier stealing credit card details or a debit card and pin yet requires just as much if not more proof that it was stolen as digital wallets also have a digital trail including log ins and IPs. At this time i was feeling like i had a good deal and stupid me didn't want to think it was a scam. It's not the devs they're looking after. But…. last updated – posted 2016-Nov-10, 4:47 pm AEST posted 2016-Nov-10, 4:47 pm AEST User #99958 2243 posts. People who get scammed like this will get scammed no matter what payment method they use. Of course it would be costly but would you rather seeing yourself getting scammed in slow motion and helpless at the same time? Looking for Recommendations on a Free Podcast App for iOS/Windows. You can't just hack or steal a paypal account. What if many people got scammed and asked for this? If you have a SIM only plan, then good luck getting the IMEI blocked by any provider here once you find your device stolen.

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