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I 100% recommend this to everyone that is interested in buying this keyboard. I just ordered this keyboard with the Cherry MX Brown switches! I absolutely love this keyboard. These key boards are hard to find. Perfect size and design is A . These are made of laser etched. $52.99 $ 52. The choice to partner with Akko on this board offers the best of both companies. Thank you, Ducky, for making this product for us!!! I got it back just after xmas, and was excited to use it again, only to have issues with 2 more keys now. Some things that could've been improved: GTSP 61 Keycaps 60 Percent, Miami Keycaps Set PBT Ducky Keycap Backlit OEM Profile with Key Puller for Cherry MX Switches GH60/RK61/Annie/Poker Mechanical Gaming Keyboard (Miami) Description Made of durable shot PBT material, excellent to touch. The keycaps feel so smooth. My other mechanical keyboards do turn off. It does not have Home screen, Page Up and Scroll lock. Tfue sent me here I%u2019m getting red keys. Just received my keyboard, it's amazing, now i can click circles without hurting my wrist and waking up my whole neighborhood ! I bought this as my first mechanical keyboard and I am not disappointed. Variety MX Desk / Mouse Pad - Extra Large 4mm thic... Ducky One 2 Mini Pure White - RGB LED 60% Double S... Ducky One 2 Mini Horizon 60% Double Shot PBT Mecha... Ducky One 2 Mini Good in Blue 60% Double Shot PBT ... Ducky Mecha Mini v2 RGB LED 60% Double Shot PBT M... Ducky x MK Frozen Llama One 2 Mini RGB LED 60% Dou... 10 additional PBT Double Shot colorful keycaps, Brand new bezel design and Dual layer PCB, Supports Ducky Macro 2.0, the most powerful hardware available in the market, 3 level adjustable feet and Detachable USB Type - C cable, Brand new RGB lighting modes and mode architecture, 60% size, lightweight and extremely portable, Includes either Year of the Pig or 1 of 2 Year of the Rat spacebars, Limit (3) Ducky One 2 Mini per customer (strictly enforced). from what I've heard its an amazing keyboard! I'm in the process of RMA'ing this so hopefully it gets fixed. mkeyboards far exceeded my expectations. Would be nice if you could choose the color for the key caps though but still, it is amazing! I've updated my firmware but the issue is still there. Shipping was perfect and literally have no issues with it what so ever would recommend to anyone! This keyboard is years away from any other keyboard manufacturers. Would highly recommend. Not a review, but why I am interested in this keyboard to begin with. Very nice keyboard. This is going to be my forever keyboard, as long as they don't discontinue this product! If your're only using it for gaming then it probably will be fine. Looks great with untraviolet keycaps, and is compact, light and has 8 lighting modes, which you can change by pressing FN Alt T, so really simple. Its extremely silent and has a very padded and soft feel. The extra keycaps that came in the box offered some nice customization options, and the Year of the Dog space bar looks fantastic. Big fan coming from more expensive keyboards. Then the "OK" button will now be accessible. The function layers are great and easy to use. That being said, I don't want to see anyone else on here complain unless it's been longer than 46 days. I bought 3, a silver, silent red and brown. Very good keyboard very stirdy and has 0 ping at all, highly recommend. The keys feel really nice, and they look good too. I had mx silents in my strafe rgb, but I needed more space on my desk, hence the new keyboard. Great little board, stabs sound decent out of the box, and overall build quality is OK, but I'm docking it 1 star for the all plastic case, it makes it feel a bit cheap. also the key caps and rgb are amazing. International shipping can take very long Grabbed Cherry MX Silent Red because i don't like super loud sounding keys, so I'm happy i went with this one. I looked at various other 60% keyboards such as the Vortex P0k3r and the Massdrop ALT. I received the blue caps and are satisfied with them. Learn which 60% ducky gaming keyboard is best. Then it should finish and click Done. Copyright © 2021 Bestunders.com We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon.com and affiliated sites.The Amazon logo are trademarks of Amazon.com, Inc. or its affiliates. I love this keyboard, the build quality is amazing! The thing caves under professional use, which is unacceptable for its price-point. This Keyboard is amazing it is well worth the wait. I got really tired of waiting and was planning to cancel just as it arrived. I went with blue switches and they work great. You'll be happy you did. In the end I would most definitely recommend this board and this website to anyone looking for a mechanical keyboard. Worth the wait? The keyboard is designed with four main switches to choose from. Amazing keyboard! The keyboard is sturdy, and the key press is smooth with a nice feel at the bottom, the silent reds live up to their name, these switches should not cause problems with roommates or coworkers. Would highly recommend this keyboard! Another good option for serious gamers. 00. The keyboard itself is great, but the software built into it leaves a lot to be desired. RIP to the real gamers who actually did research and want this keyboard to improve their gaming. The keys of the keyboard are designed with the RGB backlighting color. This keyboard is perfect! Thanks Ducky. This is a no brainer if your looking for new keyboard. And 45g of force I wanted to try the yellow gateron that are coming but out of stick but I can't wait for like 100 to be build to me this keyboard 10 no question It gives the three options of red blue and green, and lets you choose the brightness and shade of the color. Thank you MK! I will be ordering a Meca Mini and a all white Ducky. This keyboard has exceeded my expectations this is my first 60% keyboard and I can already say that this keyboard is worth the money. 1-16 of 924 results for "60 percent keyboard" Skip to main search results Eligible for Free Shipping. So i just went safe and bought the Ducky, however was it really worth 2x price tag (include shipping)? After that some of the keys became faulty and it would type twice even though i only pressed them once. Worth the wait, much more comfortable than a full keyboard. Coming from a Vortex RGB that I owned for 7 months, I bought this keyboard recently and only spent a few hours with it so far. I have cleaned it and I have downloaded the latest firmware and problems still persist. A couple of days later I got tired of waiting and emailed again. But at a local store it was like 300$ and i was sad :( but my friend showed me this site and bam BEST PRICES IN THE WORLD! The lighting modes are mesmerizing tbh. Thanks ducky/mechanicalkeyboards.com :), Best Keyboard on Market (btw mx browns feel very good). The aluminum back plate of the keyboard gives the RGB lighting and these lighting can be adjusted at 18 different modes. I have only had 4 mechanical keyboards before, and this is the best out of all of them. Not a very good first experience with ducky keyboards, Looks clean defiantly worth buying. The lighting designing can be customized for each keys on the keyboard. BOYI 61 Keys Mini Keyboard, 60% Size Mechanical Keyboard,PBT Joker Keycaps Wired Type-C Mechanical Gaming Keyboard,Cherry RGB MX Blue Switch Keyboard 4.7 out of 5 stars 87 $99.99 $ 99 . The stabilizers are super nice, and they make sure the space bar, shift keys, etc. The stabilizers are great, and just a little or no spacebar rattle at all. The Anne Pro 2, while i believe is a very solid option, has a weird font which i'm not very fond of, it is stuck at one size (no feet) and i wanted to try out true Cherry switches (ik that the Anne recently got Cherry switches option as well, but i found that out after ordering the Ducky) - hence as said before, this is my first mechanical that i actually own myself. From MK: Sorry for the trouble. But, sorry, that only works on Windows. I believe this is an issue with Catalina as the keyboard works fine with my family members Macs which are not running Catalina. The previous keyboard I had was fairly big with only a numpad but this keyboard has everything you can want in a keyboard with different settings to press different keys. Thank you!!!! It came fast only 9 days! My delete key is sticking just a little bit, but it's nothing detrimental and it may just need to be broken in. Great keyboard. The keys chatter while you type. So I want to start by saying that the customer support from mk guys is phenomenal. Get it as soon as Wed, Jan 13. The 61 key mechanical keyboard has the ability to program your macros through layers. So I got my one two mini double shot pbt with blue switch's and I am in the process of trying to return to get a new one/ return to get it fixed. I got the cherry mx reds amazing keyboard. Um. At the beginning it is a bit confusingon how to change the backlit but the more you try it the better you get used to it. The keyboard is great but I've had some problems. Maybe I was just unlucky but beware for those people that will also be using it for typing, pray that when you buy this keyboard you don't get a faulty one since it seems like from the reviews and reddit that it's not a low chance you get one that double types. Amazing 60% keyboard - great quality! It came with a year of the dog space bar, and it looks amazing. I hate full- tkl keyboards 60% keyboard what really I like. Awesome keyboard! Keyboard is awesome! The packaging is so nice. -loads of features The new evolutionary trend at Global gaming market. Hands down the cleanest, nicest, and overall best performance I have gotten from a keyboard 5/5*. LEDs look nice, different cycles you can choose from. 4 out of the 6 screws didn't even come screwed in. 2 days since it arrived and the Cherry Brown switches feel amazing to type and play on. Arrived fast than i was expecting, it seems they had an early shipment. Fantastic product. Overall, a great keyboard. Just got the Ducky One 2 Mini amazing keyboard got it in about 8-9 days amazing keyboard highly recommended. Best keyboard I have had the shipping come in on the regular and came in 4 days thanks. I am extremely happy with my purchase. But the keyboard makes up for it by using the default macros and you can set up your own so that's a real plus. stop taking your moms credit card. I bought the keyboard with mx silver (speed) switches and am honestly really happy with it. One thing to consider that I hadn't: you have no arrow keys. The keyboard is engraved with the Ducky and Akko logo on the base. I'm not the only one with this issue. I bought this keyboard with the silent red option, primarily for gaming and light coding. Just buy it. My last keyboard had clicky switches, which I grew into disliking. This is one of my first 60% keyboards and I highly recommend it. I have no experience with 60% percent keyboards and I plan to use it for streaming and playing games such as COD, Fortnite, and other FPS games. Took no time getting used to and the switches are better than expected. My board does not squeak when pressed in from the sides. This is my first time purchasing from Mechanical Keyboards and I am impressed with the build quality and feel so far, the keycaps are very well made and sound great. I knew the reputation of Ducky was good but I did not know it was going to Exceed my expectations, all I can say is if you're thinking about buying this keyboard buy it, … I got this keyboard with the Cherry MX Silent Black switches, and let me tell you, I don't think I can ever turn back to my Razer Huntsman Mini. The limited edition, 60% form-factor, HyperX x Ducky One 2 Mini mechanical gaming keyboard. My (blue switch) unit requried excessive force to use at first and within 24 hours it stopped responding to all input except for reset. People who are complaining about shipping and back-ordering need to get a life not really mechanicalkeyboards fault for ducky not being able to produce the demand. GTSP 61 PBT Keycaps 60 Percent, Ducky One 2 Mini Keycaps OEM Profile RGB Pudding Keycap Set with Key Puller for Cherry MX Switches GH60/RK61/Annie/Poker Mechanical Gaming Keyboard (Pink) 4.4 … The quality is amazing on this board and is a huge upgrade. Currently, the main problem is my space bar is double tapping. one of the best 60 % keyboards out there. The keys backs are designed with the RGB lighting and these can be controlled at 18 different levels. This key board is budget friendly with the following features: Another on the is the Ajazz AK 33 Geek which is a 60% Mechanical keyboard which is built with some basic keys. I picked this board up after trying out my friend's board. For the parents out here - I bought one for my 10 year old a few months back and now my older 12 year old wants one for christmas. I know how to use google and searched up what might be wrong and I saw a lot of people complain about it too. Plenty of room to flick without hitting my number keypad or arrow keypad. HyperX Mechanical switches These reliable key switches are designed to be a balance of responsiveness and accuracy, with a short travel time and actuation distance. It seems that this keyboard is not detectable by the Mac while booting up, meaning you cannot boot into the Boot Menu or the Target Disk Mode by holding onto the left ALT or T during boot. It came down to personal preference really. Mx Browns, Mx Clears, Mx Reds, Mx Silent Reds, Mx Silvers. I am looking into buying a Ducky One 2 Mini and I was curious if this keyboard is durable and will last a long time? I have the Silent Red switches and they feel amazing. 10/10! If you have double typing issues try adjusting the rebounce to a slower speed and than back to normal 10ms or even 5ms when you want to game again. This is one of the best keyboards I have ever gotten? I've played on Mx Cherry Reds, Browns, and recently owned a board with Blues, so Im used to the very clicky keyboard. But i wont let that affect the review of the keyboard. Now just purchased the Feather mouse to go along with it. Buy GTSP 61 Keycaps 60 Percent, Ducky One 2 Mini Keycaps of Mechanical Gaming Keyboard OEM Profile RGB PBT Keycap Set with Key Puller for Cherry MX Switches GH60/RK61/Annie Pro/Joke (Only keycaps) Blue: Keyboards - Amazon.com FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases Overall weight is good and key strokes feel great, especially with 70A orings (using Brown switches). Not a big deal, but having to do so a few dozens of times every day is frustrating and a productivity killer. This is not really worth 99 dollars sometimes i type the letter it wont even work and i use this keyboard for 1 month so please dont waste your money. 99 $109.99 $109.99 It came in very fast in just under a week! I prefer them over my Quickfire TK CM Storm with Cherry Blues. Buy GTSP 61 PBT Keycaps 60 Percent, Ducky One 2 Mini Keycaps OEM Profile RGB Pudding Keycap Set with Key Puller for Cherry MX Switches GH60/RK61/Annie/Poker Mechanical Gaming Keyboard (Pink): Keyboards - Amazon.com FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases I ordered on December 10th and got it January 11th. Personally, I don't have the need to change function keys so this is acceptable for my use. The odds of you ever being near as good as Tfue is little to none. It is a premium product at an affordable price! I got silent red switches and it is the best. that is one reason why i bought it. I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. We explored eight top-rated 60% ducky gaming keyboards over the recent year. Slow shipping but its cool. 60% Ducky Gaming Keyboard. - The USB c cable is pretttttty short in my opinion I had to order a longer one which is extra cost. Ducky are known for their high-quality mechanical keyboards and the One 2 Mini is no exception. Overall i'm very pleased with the Keyboard. The OLS software allows the user to assign macros to any key on the keyboard. The keyboard keeps disconnecting and it's necessary to unplug it and plug it again to make it work. US$77.99 US$82.99 6% Off [Gateron Switch]Anne Pro 2 61 Keys Mechanical Gaming Keyboard 60% NKRO bluetooth 4.0 Type-C RGB Keyboard 2521 reviews COD US$89.99 AKKO 3068 - Silent Mechanical Keyboard 68 Keys bluetooth Wired Dual Mode PBT Keycap Cherry MX Switch Gaming Keyboard … Only negative is it feels a bit squishy when bottoming out due to the nature of the switches. One of the best investments i've ever had. haha. Ducky fans and real gaming enthusiasts should be prioritized, not these 10 and 12 year old punks that think having a Mech keyboard will make them better at Fortnite and Minecraft. Only giving it 4/5 because it took almost 2 months to ship. While i'm not commonly picking it up, it's a comfortable weight I can deal with. The keyboard is designed with legs. This is a great news. you should buy this thing right now, great keyboard besides the fact that you can see a huge screw in the middle of the board and the key caps have some rattle to them, one of the best keyboards i ever had 10/10 got it in 4 days, Amazing keyboard. Boy, was I wrong. Overall I highly recommend this keyboard for anyone needing a compact and stylish gaming or typing keyboard although I recommend the brown switches if you go for typing. WORTH IT. Apparently the fix is to update the firmware. Overall a great keyboard and definitely recommend, but with some slight annoyances. Just received my ducky one 2 mini with cherry mx speed silver switches and oh my god. I was a bit worried about this, considering its form and the missing keys, but with Ducky's side-printed function keys, I've become very familiar with working around the lack of feature keys. I love this keyboard. I've used a Corsair keyboard a razer keyboard and none of those compare to the ducky one 2 mini definitely worth it's price which is great actually. The new evolutionary trend in the global gaming market. Yes it is a good keyboard for fortnite. For the size, the weight and durability are amazing and you won't regret going with these keyboards. or if mouse capabilities don't work then I can just hold down my caps lock key with my pinky and now have a fully functional mouse using W,A,S,D. The keycaps are solid and have a great feel, the red silent switches are so smooth, and the stabilizers feel really nice! The lighting is very pretty although I'm not able to adjust the brightness the way that the manual says to. So, I tried connecting to a windows laptop and updated the firmware too . I'd also like to add that the spacebar im using, The year of the mouse edition, is a very admirable spacebar. HyperX and Ducky have teamed up again for a 60 percent mechanical linear keyboard. unlike the Vortex POK3R its only 99$ which is super worth it if you ask me Now it's done. A firmware update to fix the issue has been promised for months but hasn't arrived. I absolutely adore this thing, and I've already set up my custom gaming lighting profiles and everything. I bought this keyboard January 2019 and this issue started happening in May. However, if you use both MacOS and Windows, this keyboard has one super annoying issue. It is extremely compact and looks amazing on my desk. This is a flat wireless keyboard and this doesn’t have any legs to accommodate it on the table , if you want to. 4 product ratings - Ducky One 2 Mini 60% RGB Keyboard - Cherry MX Red. Of the 3 mechanical keyboards I've owned, this is by far the best. Mine took a month and everyday I would check on my order. RGB lighting is nice. It's a great keyboard, I'm using it to write this right now but the RGB is not as good as I expected but it is good enough for me, this is the best keyboard i ever bought, honestly should be worth more money, totally worth it. It would be nice if they would turn off after a set or adjustable amount of time. The device can be connected via Bluetooth for almost eight hours. These are used when playing games and giving commands. I 100% recommend. Some of the main uses of 60 Percent Mechanical keyboards are: Choosing one of the best 60%t mechanical keyboard is not an easy task and it can lead to detailed a survey and selection process. Received the keyboard in the mail a week before it's estimated scheduled restock date and it is wonderful. ducky one 2 mini 60% mechanical keyboard Would highly recommend. all the colors and the backlightning. New Listing Ducky One 2 Mini 60% RGB Keyboard - Cherry MX Red. I love the 60% form factor. - The creaking of the sides the plastic is very 'bendable' and creaks. If you are on the fence about getting a 60% keyboard because of the apparent loss of functionality do not be deterred because this keyboard in particular makes it extremely easy to access all function keys and even arrow keys. Highly recommend! I've owned Logitech and Corsair mech keyboards, and this thing has impressed me more than them in one day! The keyboard is with silver base and white key caps. The rgb lighting isnt too bright, it could light up a whole room though if you want it super bright. This keyboard is my first and favorite. My second one now is a speed switch for gaming and its just incredible thanks guys !. The only main gripe I have is that the stock case is plastic and that it's not a 65% with arrow keys. I got the Cherry MX Brown's and they feel so nice to game and type with. I personally don't have one but I am definitely saving up for it, and I'm excited. Great keyboard! I've used this keyboard for about a year now and I love it. Ducky is renowned for making great quality boards. My keyboard will not connect to Catalina properly. Varieties of colorways available. This keyboard is amazing. FREE Shipping by Amazon. - Any cons to having a 60% layout and missing the available keys that are associated with this size. After searching around for a 60% mechanical gaming keyboard, I decided to go with the Ducky One 2 Mini. While its "weird" getting used to not having basic keys like "Delete" in normal spots and instead under a "Fn" key combo, i love it! The best thing I ever bought. and built in games are pretty cool. From the above list you can choose one that best cater your needs. I managed to overcome the arrow key issue with rebinding, and there are several aftermarket case options to alleviate the plastic issue. P.S. Haven't gotten my order yet but I WAS NOT SENT BY TFUE. I was watching Tfue's stream recently and saw him using this 60% model and just had to try it out. YOU CAN PLAY MINESWEEPER The shipping is also amazing and it arrived in my country (which is on the other side of the world) IN ONLY 3 DAYS! -Pretty nice looking keyboard It took 40 days to get the keyboard but it was worth the wait. Just know that even though these are in extremely high demand this company doesn't seem to do any testing before shipping and you could end up with a defective unit. Best keyboard I ever used. High build quality, looks great, extremely versatile with the on board functions. The color control and macro control is a little wonky to get used to but once you get it, you got it. Thanks guys. It took a month took ship due to the popular streamer "Tfue" advertising it which I was annoyed by, but it was worth it in the long-run. Akko X DUCKY One 2. I hope a fix comes soon as this is my only keyboard and its incredibly irritating having to backspace each time I write. At the 100$ price point, I think this has to be the most feature full 60% keyboard. Two features I particularly like are that you can turn dip switch 3 on and use the caps lock as an additional Fn key (caps will still toggle) , as well as change the layout of the right alt, win, fn, and ctrl keys on the bottom right. The manufacturer Royal Kludge is well known in the production of the computer gadgets. Great keyboard, feels nice an solid, cherry red switches feel comfortable for me. Although I did not get a free case and some of the key caps felt like they weren't carefully manufactured. This keyboard is for you ! This keyboard is honestly the best keyboard I've ever used. The feet are a must have to me and are also very stable! It is silent, and fast. This is a fantastic keyboard! The keyboard has three kinds of switches: Red, Brown and blue. Loving the feel and sound of the keys. Went from the Corsair K95 Platinum Cherry MX Speeds to this and all i can say is wish I never bought that 200$ keyboard cause this is so much better in every way :O Just going to need to learn all the function keys, Got my ducky one 2 mini yesterday and all I can say is WOW. Although the hardest thing I'm gonna have to get used to is the arrow keys. The people over at MK were very helpful and understanding. I contacted the Ducky support team and they responded by saying "One 2 Mini and SF are not fully compatible with macOS. Check it out.I bought it at Mechanicalkeyboards.com - https://mechanicalkeyboards.com/shop/index.php?l=product_detail&p=4322 It's literally the best keyboard. Overall amazing keyboard. Absolutely amazing keyboard. I got the cherry Mx reds and they feel great. This wireless 60% mechanical keyboard is specially designed for programmers. Definitely recommend this keyboard 100%. I wanna give this product a good review, I just don't understand how I got two faulty products. Shout out Mk for the great KB!!! Arrived March 14th. The RGB is super bright. I don't know if something happened to it in the manufacturing or if It was damaged in the shipping, the USB port was non response and the plug would just fall out every time I try to plug it in. Also thanks to its small size, it fits perfectly on my small desk, which was a huge problem with my old, full-sized keyboard! I have got to say, the space bar and delete key are both AMAZING. I also love in Canada so I was super surprised.

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