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Nuskin's scientists have been working for some time now at a genetic level, to determine what makes the skin age.  Have you noticed how many people look older than they are, or for the lucky few, much younger than they are?

It is all to do with gene expression, which genes are turned up and which genes are turned down.  It is a bit like the volume controls on your sterio.

Can we really influence those genes?  Aren't we just born with a set of genes and therefore we have no control?  Scientist initially felt this was the case but oh how things have changed!  We can do a lot to influence our genes. 

When mum used to tell us to eat our veggies she was giving us good advice!  Nutrients can influence gene expression.  When we were encouraged not to eat too many sweets or junk food, this too was good advice.  Certain foods and "non foods" that have crept into our food supply will also affect our gene expression, namely turn up the genes that cause accelerated aging.

So back to ageloc..what is it?  Well Nuskin discovered several phytochemicals that are naturally found in food can radically alter our gene expression to a more youthful setting.  For a peek at the scientific studies go to here.


By analysing gene maps before and after consuming or applying ageloc ingredients it has been shown that up to 92% of the gene profile can be changed. 

For example, genes that influence collagen and elastin production generally slow down production as we age.  Using ageloc ingredients has been clinically proven to turn back on the good genes and switch off or down regulate the bad genes.  The ageloc skin care range is able to heavily influence the genetic expression of these valuable proteins that make up firm healthy skin.

The product called "Vitality" is for the internal tweaking of our genes,using ageloc ingredients in a capsule form.  The clinical results have shown that the mitochondria is especially influenced by the phytochemicals in ageloc, allowing for more efficient production of atp or energy.  This is good news, as loss of energy production affects many health conditions such as fatigue and obesity.

Other clinical trials have also shown how phytochemicals can have a major influence on gene expression, for instance a trial  showed that a healthy intake of vegetables dramatically changed the gene profile of men suffering from prostrate hyperplasia  for the better.

Click on the following link to determine how many calories you need to have daily to achieve your desired weight.  It is a good tool to work out energy expenditure required as well.  Weight Loss simulator

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