Grounding products

Grounding products

Good Genes now stock a range of Earthing products.  After much study and investigating the science behind grounding we are proud to offer this range.  This is an exciting method of reducing inflammation and reducing exposure to radio frequencies and electomagnetic fields by connecting the body to an earthing mat.

Idealy we should be walking barefoot on the ground on a daily basis to benefit from the abundance of free electrons that get transfered into the body from that contact.  This in turn provides extra electrons to quench free radical damage that is at the root of inflammation. 

Here is  a picture of thermal imaging, showing the difference in body temperature (which elevates where there is inflammation) in just 30 minutes of being grounded.

Reducing inflammation with grounding


antioxidants quench free radicals

Unfortunately in our modern world we spend practically no time "grounded".  Wearing shoes with synthetic soles will block the flow of electrons, as will most floors and floor coverings.  Human beings receive their energy via the flow of electricity at a cellular level.  It makes sense that grounding this flow will make our bodies more balanced, just as sensitive equipbare foot and groundedment will not work at optimum levels unless it is properly grounded.

How can Earthing Help

Research indicates the following benefits from Earthing:

 We are providing a range of mats, bedding, patches  along with reference material in the   form of a book and dvd.

 Earth as you work, rest and play

 We spend one third of our lives in bed, however off the ground and in insulated beds we cut off the benefits of grounding.  A grounding sheet will give you up to 8 hours of grounding every day, or alternatively the basic grounding mat can be put under your bed sheet and removed daily.

bedding mat    grounded with patchesThe Universal Mat offers broad flexibility.  Use it anywhere in the house or office.  The mat serves as a floor mat to place your bare feet on as you work at the computer, or as a desk mat to ground your hands while typing or using the mouse.  Watching tv??  Use the time to be grounded.  It is fast and easy to shift your basic mat, or roll it up and take it with you to work or on holiday.  This is an affordable option for every one, with the basic mat costing around 70.00.  Accessories are also available.  To view the range go to shopping.