Good Genes Health Clinic offers nutritional advice and several programs to improve the health of our clients.

We offer short or full consultations depending on the needs of our clients.  Typically the first consultation will take 1.5 hours for a full health assessment, including iridology for $90.00.  Follow up visits are $55 for 1/2 hour visits or $30.00 for 15 minutes.  Please advise us of your requirements when booking in.

Our clinic now has the technology to assist in determining the possiblility of mineral deficiencies within the tissues.  This is a non invasive technique and the results are available immediately.

Heavy metal toxicity is a modern problem, and in the past we could look for symptoms and try and guess if this was the case.  With oligoscan we can at least see what is trapped in the palm of the hand. 

Addressing mineral deficiencies is a fine balancing act, as too much or too little can throw other valuable nutrients out of range.  With this new tool the practitioner can monitor the recommended dosage by a follow up to confirm that a balance has returned.

The cost of a test which is usually done during a consultation is $120.00

We also offer ongoing support with weight loss programs. We now offer fully supervised 12 week programs for $330.00.  Partially supervised programs are available too, discuss with your practioner.  Our aim is to provide affordable services and we can tailor your program to suit your individual circumstances.   Our focus is on education, so we  encourage our clients to participate in the workshops, seminars and cooking classes.

For more information please contact us here