Sour Dough cooking class June 24th 2107 in Beenleigh

Bread well prepared is nourishing to the body

Bread well prepared is nourishing to the body

Time for another sour dough class.  The next date will be June 24 which is a Saturday  starting at 12.30pm on the dot.  Registration at 12.15  allowing time for coffee or tea and some sampling of freshly made sour dough breads.

Class runs for 3 hours  with sour dough pizza for afternoon tea.  If you find it hard to digest breads, then this may be the solution for you namely…easily digested, slow and naturally fermented breads.

The class begins with a 30 minute  seminar looking at the modern problem of sensitivity to gluten and other digestive issues.  This will be followed by practical demonstrations on how to make a variety of sweet and savory breads, including flat breads and crepes.  All participants will make their own dough to take home and cook and will be provided with a mother culture.

Venue: back classroom in the Life Essence clinic located at 27 City Rd.  Beenleigh  Queensland Australia  4207

Date: Saturday 24/6/17

Time:  12.30pm to 3.30pm

Cost: 50.00/person

If you think you would benefit from such a here.  For more information call Julie on 0412333043 or email

If you know someone else that would benefit, please pass the information on.

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Soups and stews- how to make them with bone broth for healthy bones and strong immunity

Soups and stews

Class includes a seminar on the advantages of sour dough cooking

Class includes a seminar on the advantages of slow foods like bone broths

The cooler months are soon to be upon us in Oz.  This is a perfect time of year to learn the old fashioned art of making stocks, soups and stews.  Why are these types of dishes so nutritious?  How can they be used instead of antibiotics for many conditions?  How fast can they improve your immune system functions?

What cooking skills will our guests learn?

  • How to make a chicken, beef, lamb and fish stock that is jam packed with body building nutrients.
  • The fundamentals of putting a basic stew and soup together.
  • How to expand that basic knowledge to create more complicated dishes and flavours.
  • How to store your creations for later use
  • Some dishes explored  in depth are basic chicken soup, pumpkin soup, beef stew, lamb and cabbage soup and chicken curry casserole.

There will be much to sample at this seminar, so bring an appetite with you.

Venue:  Life Essence Clinic

Date:  May 27th 2017

Time:  12.30 start to 3.30

Cost: 50.00 per person




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Next Fermentation Cooking Class end of April! This time located in Beenleigh on Saturday 29th April 2016

cards_back 137We are now taking bookings for our next seminar/cooking class and it will be on the subject of Fermented Foods.  We have a new venue for the class this time, located in the Beenleigh business district at the Life Essence health clinic on city Rd.

What will we cover in this class?

  1.  We will look at the science behind eating fermented foods and why they are beneficial.  This will be a short seminar.
  2. We will learn how to make fermented foods such as milk kefir, sauerkraut, Kim chee, kefir cheese, kefir cream cheese, and you will sample our unique kefir cheese cake or mousse.
  3.  Fermented beverages will also be on the schedule, such as old fashioned ginger beer and water kefir.  We will also cover making syrups to flavor your fermented drinks.
  4. Part of the course will be hands on experience in making your own Sauerkraut  to take home.

So if you have been waiting for the chance to learn, now is the time to book.

The Date:  Saturday April 29th 2017

Time: 12.30 pm

The Venue:  Life Essence Clinic  27 City Rd, Beenleigh QLD 4207

This is a popular class so bookings may fill early.

Time:  Class starts at 12.30 on the dot and runs till around 3.30 pm

To book click here…. bookings

Keep the liquid above the fermenting veggies to prevent mould

or email:

or Call Julie 0412333043

facebook good-genes-health-clinic

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Next sour dough class March 11 2017 at 11 am in Beenleigh

Bread well prepared is nourishing to the body

Bread well prepared is nourishing to the body

Time for another sour dough class.  The next date will be March 11 2017 starting at 11 am on the dot.  Registration at 10.45  allowing time for coffee or tea and some sampling of freshly made sour dough breads.  We will meet at the back classroom in the Life Essence clinic located at

27 City Rd.  Beenleigh  Qld 4207

Class runs for 3 hours  with sour dough pizza for lunch.  If you find it hard to digest breads, then this may be the solution for you namely…easily digested, slow and naturally fermented breads.

The class begins with a 30 minute  seminar looking at the modern problem of sensitivity to gluten and other digestive issues.  This will be followed by practical demonstrations on how to make a variety of sweet and savory breads, including flat breads and crepes.  All participants will make their own dough to take home and cook and will be provided with a mother culture.

If you think you would benefit from such a here.  For more information call Julie on 0412333043 or email

If you know someone else that would benefit, please pass the information on.

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Was Dr Simeons right? HCG diet examined by a Nutritionist

hcg pic 2 womenHCG diet?   The latest craze or genuine weight loss strategy?  Being a nutritionist I am always on the look out for new trends, especially anything to do with weight loss as it is such a difficult thing to achieve and maintain.  Many practitioners shrink away at the thought of doing weight loss, as generally the long term success rate is dismal indeed.

I first came across Dr Simeon’s protocol when a friend whom I hadn’t seen for a while turned up with a new body, very shapely especially around the midriff.   “What have you been doing?”  I inquired.  “Oh I’ve been on this 500 calorie hCG diet thingy for a few weeks” she laughed.  Well that is like a red rag to a bull, nutritionally speaking…  “you shouldn’t be doing that…that’s too dangerous…you’ll end up sick..blah blah blah”  I retorted.

However, I couldn’t help noticing that her face was glowing, her skin looked taut and well nourished..not like being on a starvation diet at all, and the weight she  lost was from the waist area.  I couldn’t deny it..she looked great!  I have been wrong so many times before, so time to eat humble pie and do the research…just in case.

Dr Simeons

So I started by reading Dr_Simeon’s – pounds and inches.  Who was Dr Simeons? A British physician working at a hospital in Rome, in the 1950s. He worked in the field of obesity for 40 years before his death in 1970.  Someone who specializes in one field for an extended period of time is bound to learn a thing or two, and is worthy of our attention.  How many other Doctors can boast such a lengthy study?  Of note too, this was at a time when obesity was a rare phenomenon.

Through trial and error he started to use the hormone  human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) on his patients and found that it seemed to open the door to abnormal fat stores, assisting the body to remove the accumulation when accompanied by a low calorie diet.  Previous attempts without the hormone resulted in severe hunger and loss of weight of other tissue instead of  the stored fat.  Over the course of many years and hundreds of patients, he perfected his protocol and found it had a very high success rate.  He devised a maintenance program that follows the low calorie phase, and this too proved to be a manageable way to maintain the weight loss.

Fast forward several decades and an obesity epidemic, modern scientific methods have not been so successful.  Most weight loss methods ultimately fail and many resort to drastic procedures like gastric bypass surgery in desperation.  Is it time to take another look at Dr Simeon’s research?

As a nutritionist I am keenly aware of the high prevalence of insulin resistance in our community, a condition that is enveloping the global populations.  Even those of us on a “pristine diet” can reach the tipping point, when the body can no longer process glucose efficiently and fat deposits start to accumulate.  Age can be a factor as well as the build up of “crud” in the insulin receptors after a lifetime exposure to pollutants, heavy metals and toxic foods laced with pesticide residues.  I believe we are all on the way to insulin is just a matter of time before we hit the tipping point.  You will know when it strikes..suddenly out of the blue you notice you are accumulating weight fast..a kilo a month, or week, even though no real lifestyle or dietary change has occurred.

My tipping point occurred about 18 months ago, causing a weight gain of 10 kg in 10 months.  Exercise caused the loss of muscle tissue rather than fat deposits (typical of insulin resistance) and reducing the amount of food taken daily didn’t stop the gradual rise.

This presented me with the opportunity to try Dr Simeons’ Protocol myself.  I chose to use the homeopathic version of the hCG rather than injections of the hormones for 3 reasons.  1.  I hate injections and 2. it was going to be easier and cheaper to implement and 3. I was curious to see what would happen as there is some skepticism over the value of the homeopathic version.

I must say I was pleasantly surprised at how easily I implemented the program, waiting for the “hunger pangs” that will surely come but never did.  I initially planned to do just 3 weeks of the low calories stage, but was doing so well I decided to keep going, completing 42 days and losing 9.5 kg of “abnormal fat stores” while maintaining my muscle tissue.  My before and after pictures show clearly where the weight loss occurred.  That weight loss has continued to be maintained, much to my delight. before and afters hcg julies clinic

My conclusion?  I think Dr Simeons made an amazing breakthrough that has sadly been neglected.  He may not have got everything right but he certainly had more success than modern science.  I think Dr Simeons’ program works so well as it seems to address the issue of insulin resistance.  How?  The program is a real rest for the body, allowing it to clean up the insulin receptors, removing the build up of “crud” and gives the body time to do a major cleanse.  Latest research indicates the insulin receptors become clogged with “fatty deposits”.

Dr Simeon warned about “tweaking” the diet, but as a nutritionist I “tweaked” a couple of things to avoid any possible mineral deficiencies developing.  I read of a case on line where hair loss occurred (a typical iodine deficiency) so insist that my clients use iodized sea salt daily.  I also permit the use “bone broths” for soups instead of just water, making sure that no fat remains in the broth.  This will provide extra nutrients without the calories.  I like to use a chlorella tablet when consuming coriander to assist in heavy metals being removed from the body.  I also like to use plant minerals daily, again to prevent mineral deficiencies.  Using these strategies does not seem to prevent weight loss from occurring, but can help with keeping the body sustained on such a low calorie diet.

I also like the way the diet “re-educates” the dieter.  Learning new ways of preparing foods, a knowledge of which foods will quickly reverse weight gain are invaluable to long term success.  I came away with a new sense of control, able to deal with any further issues if they arise later (insulin resistance can return when the receptors get clogged up again).

So with a new sense of confidence I decided it was time to implement weight loss programs into my clinic.  I have been thrilled with the results of my beautiful clients, who like myself have begun to regain control over their health destiny.

How have I implemented the programs?  We start by a 2 week preparation period on the Weston A Price diet. All clients are required to read and study  Simeon’s – pound’s and inches so as to understand the principles behind the protocol.  Most clients choose to do our 12 week program with regular visits to the clinic for close monitoring, to prevent any unforeseen difficulties and for coaching purposes.  I feel it is important to have some supervision during the program.  A kit is provided which contains the basic manual and recipes, and the few supplements required.  On completion of the diet, clients are encouraged to return to the Weston Price diet for long term health.

We have also other modified weight loss programs for those that feel they can’t manage Dr Simeon’s protocol, such as doing the protocol two days a week.  This will not be as fast as the hCG diet, but will be easier for some patients to manage.

We have also introduced an online service by means of skype or phone consultations  for those wanting to do a program out of our local area.  For more information email, call our clinic or to see our 3 programs click here








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How to make kimchi and sauerkraut for probiotic benefits.

cards_back 128 Why are fermented foods so good for you?  It is not just the content of beautiful vegetables, but the introduction of beneficial bacteria or probiotics, mainly lactobacillis varieties to the intestinal tract.  This is a cheap and tasty way to get your probiotics daily.  Why pay out money for capsules, when you can get them free?

First you will need suitable vegetables to ferment.  If you are going to make sauerkraut, you will need mainly cabbage, and perhaps a little garlic.    cards_back 137Both Kimchi and Sauerkraut are good sources of probiotics, but Kimchi will give you a wider variety of nutrients due to the mixture of vegetables.   For instance, to modify hormones, a daily serve of broccoli is an easy way to do this, so eating Kimchi with lots of brocolli would be preferable to Sauerkraut.

Vegetables and spices commonly used in kimchi include cabbage, capsicum, chilli peppers, garlic, ginger, bok choi, cucumber, cauliflower, broccoli and spring onions.

Simply slice or chop vegetables and place in a large bowl.   Next you will need to add salt.  How much salt?  I tend to use about small handful or 1/3 of a cup of salt to say 3 kg of chopped vegetables,  the interesting thing is that over time the salt will lose its taste and the whole mix will become “sweet”.  If you add too much salt, you will need to wait a lot longer before this occurs, so I would rather add a little less to start with, then adjust to your own taste as you make more batches.  These ferments can even be made without salt, so if you are wanting to cut down the salt content, just add a tiny amount.

Adding the salt

Adding the salt

Next the salt is gently massaged into the vegetables, which will start to release the liquids contained within.  This is the only liquid you will need to ferment your vegetables.

Massage vegetables to mix the salt and release the liquids

Massage vegetables to mix the salt and release the liquids

However, if you are cutting down the salt content, you may need to juice some cabbage and add that juice to the mix.

Now it is time to transfer the mixture to our fermenting jar.  I have found the following method quite satisfactory, but the main objective is the keep the mixture submerged.  If the vegetables become exposed to air they can become moldy and will need to be picked out of the fermenting product.  (Do not discard your mix if this happens..the moldy bits can even be pushed under the brew and the acidic medium will destroy the mold.)

The liquid will become quite acidic due to the fermenting action of the bacteria, and this will prevent the submerged vegetables from contamination.   Filling one jar with water will make it heavy and keep the vegetables underneath the liquids.  It is important to ferment your Kimchi or Sauerkraut at room temperature, but do not let it get above 30 degrees Celsius or it will ferment too fast.  If it is too cold it will take a long time to ferment.  Ideal temperature would be 23 degrees Celsius.  It will need a good two weeks before taste test.  It should have a nice “pickle” smell and taste.  The salt should be barely detectable.  Some of my batches have taken many weeks before they were ready, so be patient.

Keep the liquid above the fermenting veggies to prevent mould

Keep the liquid above the fermenting veggies to prevent mold

The kimchi and saurkraut will keep for a long period in the fridge once fermented.     Once your mix is ready, transfer to smaller jars and refrigerate.

Remember to check that the liquids are covering the top of the fermented vegetables.  You can do this by turning the jar upside down for a few seconds once a week.

Important note:  Flies will be attracted to your fermenting mix, so make sure you prevent their entry by means of a barrier.  I find that using the leg of  clean old stocking works well, or use plenty of glad wrap.

Best ways to eat these probiotic dainties?

  •  Mix a little with your side salads
  •  Use atop a piece of cheese as a tasty snack
  •  Serve with sausages, mustard and ketchup
  •  Serve alongside cooked vegetables
  •  Sprinkle over pizza after it has been removed from the oven

Remember  consuming Saurkraut and Kimchi are great ways to innoculate the gut with healthy flora, so incorporating these into your daily diet is a very pleasant and wise thing to do.

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Pain management with Earthing? What on earth is Earthing?

Universal Earthing Mat

Earthing is the new buzz word. Every now and then you come across something amazing.  My good friend Rosie was in agony after pushing herself too far,  owing to the fact that her body does not break down lactic acid very well.   Arriving at work was excruciating, tears inevitable.  “Here, sit down and put your feet on this mat and you”ll be grounded..this will make you feel better” comforted a young visitor.

Half an hour later she was pain free.  “What happened??,  How does that mat work?” she asked.  “It is an earthing, or grounding mat, I use it to help me sleep” said the youngster, who has suffered insomnia for years.

Rosie purchased her own mat and 5 weeks later had remarkable changes occur to her condition, including  weight loss of 1 kg per week.  These changes included, energy increase, a ruddy complexion, pain free, ability to walk longer distances without difficulty or pain, and improvements in eyesight and deep sleep.

Now as a practitioner, this got my attention!  Time to do the research!  Something is going on here that should not be ignored.  When you know someone well it is easier to see if these changes are genuine, and these were real changes.  I started by reading the book Earthing.

So, how does it work?  I was fascinated to find that quite a bit of research has been going on in this area of late, and  a few clinical trials have been done to confirm some changes that occur in the human body when we are “grounded” or “earthed“.

Put simply, when we stand bare foot on the earth, the voltage in our body is close to zero.  This allows an influx of electrons which are negatively charged to flow into our bodies.  These electrons then act as antioxidants in the body, quickly suppressing inflammation, reducing swelling and pain with noticeable differences within 30 minutes of Earthing.  The earthing mat connects to the earthing rod in the ground found in most houses. Notice the difference in the following picture after 30 minutes.

After purchasing my own mat, I hooked up my multimeter to do my own testing.  How high is my voltage when I am not grounded?  I was in for a shock.  Remember that in an ideal world we would be near zero if walking on the ground bare feet.  Who among us today has time to go barefoot?  I spend much of my time on the first floor of our house, and my  voltage in that environment fluctuates between 20 and 30 volts, even higher if I am working on my laptop.

At work on the ground floor, as soon as I put my hands on my keyboard my voltage shoots up to 30 volts.  Just placing my mat on the floor (which is plugged into the earthing socket) and kicking my shoes off reduces it down to between .05 and .5 volts.  I quickly realized that the benefits of Earthing would not be limited to reducing inflammation in the body, but also offer some protection from high electrical fields and the invisible “smog” of emf’s or electromagnetic frequencies that we are all exposed to with our wireless technology.

How have we become so disconnected from the earth?  Modern footwear is made from synthetic materials which are not conductive, preventing the free flow of electrons.  Few houses have  floor coverings that will  allow Earthing, the only one I can think of is a concrete slab with ceramic tiles on the ground floor, providing you don’t have shoes on.  So for many of us, we can go for months without ever  being grounded!  No wonder we have such a high prevalence of inflammatory conditions today.

In the clinic it has been exciting to put this new found knowledge into practice.  If you visit Good Genes Health Clinic with any pain issues, don’t be surprised if you are “earthed” at the beginning of the consultation.  We have been so thrilled with the results that we are now stocking Earthing Products so that we can offer a drug free solution to pain management and help others to reduce or prevent inflammation.  The good news is that it is relatively inexpensive, and there are no on going costs with earthing.  For those in severe pain or chronic conditions, an earthing sheet is also available.

Spend long hours in your vehicle?  The rubber tyres prevent the benefits of earthing, but this can be overcome by sitting on a car pad that is connected to the body of the car.  The sheer mass of the metal will allow the flow of electrons to lower the overall charge of the body, and this will also help prevent the familiar “shock” you feel when you get zapped on touching the vehicle.

All the earthing products come with a safety feature which will break the circuit should an unexpected surge occur, for example, in the case of being hit by lightening.  Any questions?  We would love to hear from you, and especially your own stories if you have been earthing.



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Alkaline water? Some common sense prevails

The Alkaline Myth and Hype  Watch on youtube

Here is a really balanced discussion on   whether we need to take alkaline water “to balance our PH”.  So much of what we believe is here say and not backed up with good research.  I found this myself when in college.  I wanted to do a research article on how “alkalizing” the body by making the internal environment less acidic would assist in healing, only to find that there was very little evidence in the scientific literature to support the assumption.  Truth is that certain parts of the body must be very acidic to protect itself from pathogens,  and one main organ is the stomach.  In order to break down our food we need to produce a lot of Hydrochloric acid to start the digestive process.  Taking alkalized drinks/tablets will interfere with this, leaving the body more vulnerable to pathogens and causing our food to ferment rather than digest.  This in turn will lead to reflux.

The common thought is that reflux is a problem of too much acid.  The opposite is more often the case.   The lack of acid prevents good digestion, causing the food to remain too long in the stomach, fermenting and causing gas.  This opens up the valve and sends acidic gas into the esophagus, which in turn burns the lining of the tube.  Very painful.

We encourage those suffering from reflux to drink a little lemon juice and water or apple cider vinegar and water 5 minutes before their main meal to stimulate the production of more stomach acid.  This gets the food moving, prevents fermentation and reduces reflux.

Of course we recommend that we need to take in a lot of healthy colored vegetables to be healthy, but these foods do much more than “regulate our ph”.  The nutrients, antioxidants and phyto-nutrients contained therein provide amazing benefits to protect the body from disease and cancer.  They do this through incredible complex chemical reactions that most of us can’t get our heads around.  So let’s feed and nourish our bodies well, and leave it to our intelligent body to sort out our acid/alkaline balance via our kidneys, lungs, cell walls, osmosis etc.

Take the time to view the video to learn more.  Let’s use common sense rather than heresay, and continue to learn.


The Alkaline Myth and Hype

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Slow foods, nourishing and exquisitely delightful

Lunch: sourdough curried egg with olive oil mayo and garden greens

While making lunch today it occurred to me that I really have achieved my goal of enjoying the fruits of my labors when it comes to providing nourishing wholesome food for the family.  Over the past decade I have worked toward learning the “art” of producing slow foods.   Why bother?  Mainly due to the fact that they have excellent nutrient content for our poor famished bodies.

As a nutritionist I am keenly aware that today we are overfed but undernourished, slowly starving ourselves.  Our foods have been processed to the point that little nourishment remains in them.  Ancient methods of preserving foods and cooking them retained most of the nutrients, and we need to tap into this lost art..for the sake of ourselves and those we have the responsibility to care for, like our children.

So what was so good about lunch today?  The eggs came from our 3 lovely hens, the salad from the home vegetable garden, the mayo made from scratch with olive oil and a beautiful home made wholemeal sour dough.  I have 2 olive trees planted so maybe one day I might supply the oil?  Another goal:)

What is a ‘slow food‘?  These are foods that traditionally take a little time to ferment or mature before they are eaten, such as sauerkraut, sourdough, cheeses, ginger beers, wines and kefir.  The process makes the nutrients more bio available, that is easily absorbed by the digestive tract

Good Genes Health Clinic in Waterford Qld aims to teach these wonderful arts to its visitors, so that they in turn can teach others.


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Serrapeptase, the miracle enzyme

Serrapeptase is already widely used in Europe, Japan and the US as an alternative to anti-inflammatory medications such as Aspirin, Ibuprofen and NSAIDS (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs).

Serrapeptase works by digesting tissue, such as scars, and blocking the chemicals that cause inflammation. This makes it an effective treatment for any condition caused by inflammation.

Research in Germany and Japan has shown Serrapeptase can dissolve breast and ovarian cysts, ease symptoms of arthritis, speed the healing of torn ligaments and sports injuries, and aid post-operative healing. People with carpel tunnel syndrome or RSI, asthma, sinusitis, ear infections and migraine have also benefited from taking it.

Recent studies show it helps to dissolve blood clots and arterial plaque, protects against strokes and shrinks varicose veins. It also appears to help cure infections by making antibiotics work more effectively.

“Serrapeptase is useful in any disease or condition caused by dead tissue, mucous or clotted material,” says Jeannette Manning, a naturopathic nutritionist from San Diego, California, who has used the enzyme on many of her patients. “It dissolves damaged cells without harming healthy tissue, drains away mucous and, by blocking the chemicals that cause inflammation, stops pain.”

For more information and references click on the following link



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